As the Center for the Integral Development of Children (CEDIN stands for Centro de Desarrollo Integral del Niño in Spanish), we seek to be a vital ally for parents who value innovative training from early childhood education.

Innovative methodology

We foster real learning experiences to strengthen our children’s the cognitive, social-emotional and motor skills development.

The UdeC Kindergarten

We have grown to high quality standards in order to open our doors to the whole community.

multidisciplinary team

Contamos con un equipo de profesionales de excelencia para apoyar el óptimo aprendizaje de niños y niñas.

integral nutrition

We develop a program that considers healthy eating as an important part of your child's development.
Apoyo Psicomotor
Educative community
  • Here they gave me the necessary tranquility to return to the reality of my work. At first, in my work I was always worried, but the aunts were there to tell me everything about what my son was doing, either by phone or when I pick him up

    Julián’s mother
  • Children learn without losing the essence of being children, playing, exploring, knowing; they don’t learn all day sitting at a table and a chair

    Agustín’s mother
Our activities

(Español) Celebramos el Día del Libro

2 May, 2024

(Español) Cierre Campaña Teletón en CEDIN

7 November, 2022

Talleres de Verano CEDIN: Hoy disfrutamos con los juegos de agua

7 January, 2022
The formative vision of CEDIN relies on its pillars, since it was designed to be a place that invites and motivates the integral formation of young great people.


Experiencing different areas of knowledge results in developing learning.


We have a risk prevention plan, which prepares us to deal with several emergency situations.


Sala Cuna de 07:45 a 18:00 horas Jardín Infantil de 07:45 a 18:00 horas


The building itself and green areas make a total of 700 square meters.
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